Decal Installation Instructions

! Please note that your order can take 6-8 weeks to process !

Before you begin
We love the sun, however, it’s best NOT to apply these decals in the sun or on a hot surface.  Installing these on a hot surface will cause the decal to form air bubbles underneath it.

Where does the decal go?
The dimensions of the decals were designed and cut to fit on the left side of the bumper/fascia cover under the headlamp.  Some people choose to place them on the lower corner of the front or rear wind shield, side windows and other locations.

Step 1
Make sure that your vehicle is clean and free or dirt before starting this process

You can use tape, such as blue painters to create a straight line to better guide your installation.

Step 2
The decal must stick to the top layer or transfer paper.  Even though we squeegee these before we send them out,  you should lay the decal on a flat surface and run a squeegee or credit card over the top layer of the decal to make sure that the decal sticks to the transfer paper (the top part).  Please firmly and at a wide angle, but don’t be too aggressive or you’ll rip apart the top layer of paper.

It’s also highly advisable to place the decal on a flat surface and use a finger to press firmly down to make sure that small pieces, like numbers and letters stick to the top part (transfer paper) of the decal.

Step 3

Start to peel the top transfer paper away slow and at a sharp angle making sure that the decal is sticking to the back of the top paper.

If pieces of the decal are not sticking to the top transfer paper, you can slowly lower it back down onto the sticker’s backing.  You should then repeat step 3 again.

You might also try to peel the top transfer paper layer off from another corner.

Step 4

After you apply the decal to the surface of the vehicle, you guessed it – squeegee it again and use your finger to firmly press down on the letters and numbers.

Step 5

Slowly peel away the top transfer paper layer at a sharp angle – go slowly – and you are done!