Welcome to the All Ford Registry

Welcome to the All Ford Registry.  Each registry has been officially authorized by the Ford Motor Company and are dedicated to documenting and preserving the ownership history of Ford Motor Company products. Each time an entry is made into a registry, it creates a historical record for that vehicle for posterity!

It’s 100% free to add a vehicle to any registry!

After a vehicle is entered into a registry, the registrant will have the option to order an officially Ford approved certificate of registration as well as a unique custom made vinyl decal with the vehicle’s unique registration number on it.










RegistryAdd NewEdit Existing
Edge STAddEdit
F-Series (1948-current)AddEdit
F150 LightningAddEdit
F150 RaptorAddEdit
Fiesta STAddEdit
Flex - coming--
Focus RSAddEdit
Focus STAddEdit
Hybrid + Electric + EnergiAddEdit
Mustang (1964.5 - Current)AddEdit
Mustang Boss 302, Boss 351, Boss 429AddEdit
Mustang Cobra SVTAddEdit
Mustang Coyote 5.0L (2011-current)AddEdit
Mustang EcoBoost (2015-current)AddEdit
Mustang FOX (1979-1993)AddEdit
Mustang GT (1965-current)AddEdit
Mustang King Cobra (1978)AddEdit
Mustang MACH 1AddEdit
Mustang Shelby GTAddEdit
Mustang Shelby GT350, GT500, more.AddEdit
Mustang Shelby GT500KRAddEdit
Mustang SN95 (1994-2004)AddEdit
Mustang S197 (2005-2014)AddEdit
Mustang S550 (2015-current)AddEdit
Mustang S650 - we're not quite there yet--